DDTS electrical engineers are familiar with the industry standard and are able to manipulate the electrical design engineering software, has been joined in many national and international projects, has a wealth of project experience and professional skills.

Electrical Design of a Fumed silica Project Case 2009-Shanghai-PDS, CAD

Major task include new production unit in plant, reform the old production unit and waste gas, waste water pretreatment unit. The project use dual circuit power supply, there are two 20kV circuit from substation to transformer room.

Using two-dimensional design software to complete the project electrical single line diagram, explosion hazardous area classification, electrical cable tray layout, electrical power layout, lighting system diagram, lighting layout, lightning protection and grounding layout, circuit diagram for motor, electrical load list, cable list and other types of documents. Using 3D modeling software to create three-dimensional design system electrical equipment and electrical cable tray model can be view in the model directly, in order to appear collision, improved design accuracy greatly.

Electric Design of a Coal Chemical Case 2015-PDS, CAD

This project is to design the power plant sector, including the electrical design of Boiler device, Boiler substation, steam turbine generator room, Dehydration station, sewage treatment, circulating water station, Coal transportation system etc. the scale of the thermal power station is 2 160t/h high temperature and high pressure mixed burning coke oven gas circulating fluidized bed boiler and 2 25MW double time condensing steam turbine generator set. The thermal power station will be expected to meet the requirement for the producing and heating task of the whole plant.

Ddts services description: ddts completed the design of boiler room steam room, boiler substation, generator outlet chamber, coal handling system, circulating water station, power supply and distribution outside boundary, and power load, substation setting, electrical control, lighting, explosion danger zone division, lightning protection and anti-static measures. Other task includes the coordination and design review of the sector of Dehydration station, sewage treatment, and air cooling system.