The process engineer of DDTS can join in the engineering design project of the clients, using Auto CAD, SmartPlant P&ID, COMOS P&ID and other drawing software, give assistance to accomplish the PFD,PID drawing and other modified work. Using Aspen Plus, Aspen EDR,FRI and other process calculated software to accomplish the works included material balance, energy balance, equipment design and calculation, pipeline hydraulics calculation and etc. Assist clients to accomplish the equipment list, line list, instrument list and some other works.

◆Professional software consulting:SmartPlant P&ID、Aspen Plus and etc.

◆Software Training:SmartPlant P&ID、Aspen Plus and etc.

Benzene Propylene Project Intelligent Data Conversion Case 2010-Nanjing-SP P&ID

In the production and operation process in the factory, the technical remolding is continuous with the production, and the factory carries out a heavy repair every year, which cause the new P&IDs generation and the old P&IDs need to update. At the same time, some new devices are also increased, these are necessary to add the information to the P&ID intelligent system timely, to fit the site information.

After a year of consolidation, in 2010, a customer demanded their needs to convert and update 2000 P&ID of 6 factories and to improve related process equipment information and pipeline attribute. After nearly five months of effort, finally, DDTS submitted all documents, including equipment datasheets and lists, pipeline lists, online instrument list, valve list and the change list of attributes, etc. The product was completed on time and delivered to the customer. Then, two P&ID engineer went to site to maintain the intelligent P&ID system irregularly and update P&ID data conversion periodically according to the task quantity.

Saudi Arabia Intelligent Data Conversion Case 2014-Nanjing-SP P&ID

Our clients needed to convert more than 1000 drawings of the olefin and polyethylene plant, and at the same time improve the equipment parameters and pipeline properties. After a year of hard work, our project teams finally submitted all the required documents including P&ID backup system file, equipment list, list of pipeline and a number of product files, and successfully published all the P&ID to SPF system with correlated documents of equipment, pipeline and instrument. All the project items were delivered on time.

Heat exchanger Process Design and Check Case   2013-Nanjing-Aspen Plus、Aspen EDR

A reboiler has serious scaling and difficult to clean the shell. In condition of unchanging the shell side internal diameter of the reboiler and pipe dimension, enlarge the spacing of the pipes from 32mm to 36mm. Using Aspen EDR to check computation for reboiler and modify the solution which according to the requirement.

Procedure Simulate Case 2011-Nanjing-Aspen Plus

A cyclohexanone device inland has more than 20% energy consumption for the same type in foreign country. In order to analyse the reason of high energy consumption and finding the solution for the energy consumption, simulate the distillation section of the cyclohexane and analyse the energy consumption, then provide solution of the energy saving.


Distillation Column Condenser Modification Case 2011-Nanjing-Aspen EDR

The product of the vacuum distillation column can’t reach the requirement in operation. We found the main reason is the cooling water in heat exchanger tube side can’t reach the design flow rate, after simulation analysis, we changed the condenser tube pass from 8 to 4 and changed the ordinary tube to enhanced tube. After reforming, the column steady moved and the product from top column could reach the purity requirement.