Process data is throughout the entire life cycle of the plant or equipment. With the open system architecture and the consistency of data platform, it not only can save design time and human resources, and reduce the design cost, but also can greatly improve the design quality, reduce the error rate It is also sure that the process data is not lost or inconsistent from design stage, operation stage to asset management decommissioning or modification phase of the whole factory.

Process Data Handover: All the process data can be delivered with integrating PFD, PID, various equipment lists, piping list, Using one system platform, such as COMOS FEED etc.

Intelligent P&ID Handover: Whether P&ID is based on a format of traditional CAD or MicroStation or is present in paper form, we have professional P&ID engineers to provide intelligent P&ID drawings conversion service with high quality and low cost, and with the tight control of documents, guarantee the security of information and consistency. The intelligent P&ID software including SmartPlant P&ID, AVEVA P&ID, AutoCAD Plant P&ID, COMOS P&ID etc..

CAD转SmartPlant P&ID