In order to further accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises, improve the level of enterprise management, and strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, DDTS carried out enterprise publicity activities.

Innovation & efficiency

Mr. Feng Qiang, the chairman and CEO, made a corporate culture presentation to all the employees. Based on the actual operation of the enterprise and focusing on innovation and efficiency, he clarified the vision and future development direction of the enterprise in the next stage, and introduced the new positioning of each business division in a comprehensive way.


Affected by the global epidemic and the economy,the digital transformation has never been better. After more than a decade of development, we are about to open a new ceiling. We should seize this opportunity to make Zhongtu grow healthily and provide a better platform for our employees.

New vision

To become a global leading digital integrated solution provider for process industry.

On a global scale, focusing on process industry will provide more high-end enterprises with digital core technologies and solutions in the process of digital transformation.


Planning for the next 10 years

Transformation digital, "service + product" comprehensive solution provider.

In the future, in addition to services, we will also develop related products to make digital processes more possible.

We will accelerate the development of the Belt and Road "international service" capability.

Set up new targets and plan to set up new locations in North and South America.



Positioning and mission

"Digital Transformation Partners, Building Dreams and Smart Future"

We want to create more value around the needs of customers.


Value system

“Benefit others and reach yourself,Mutual achievement;Win-win to create, sustainable development”

Working towards a common goal over the next decade.

Technical Service

Win-win Co-creation, Sustainable Development -- DDTS Corporate Culture Information Conference