The Structural designer of DDTS can be join in the client's engineering design projects, the use of AutoCAD、 MicroStation and other engineering drawing software, and PKPM、 Frameworks structure of professional engineering software, help clients design work. Our engineers are experienced and are able to perfectly fulfill the task in each step from the initial geological condition prospecting to model construction, condition input, and calculation output, exporting construction map etc. we are able to proactively take in customer's requirements on the work of the project, complete engineering projects in line with customer standards as well as under the premise of strict compliance with the national building code.



node detail


Biodegradable Plastic Work Integrated Project Structure Design Case 2013-Xinjiang-PKPM 


Comprehensive building rendering



Comprehensive building CAD plan

PKPM Comprehensive building PKPM



Coal trestle CAD sectional view


Coal trestle CAD layout of Plan and Elevation



Gas separation Isooctane and Methyl ethyl ketone Building Structure Design Case 2013-Ningbo-PKPM


PKPM Steel frame structure PKPM

Steel frame structure CAD plan


Circulating Water Substation Case 2015-Sichuang- PKPM

PKPM 3D model

PKPM model plan