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Instrument Data Conversion

In an engineering project, usually there are several EPC companies involved in, which make it very difficult to guarantee the project data delivered to the owner & operators are unified and correct. We provide a common platform for data exchange, providing a unified standard and quality assurance data complete the common requirements of different owners.

  • Template customization

  • Intelligent data conversion and handover

  • Data backup and handover

  • Standardized data handover

  • Customization data handover

  • Data audit and handover

Instrument Loop Drawings Conversion Project Case     2012-Nanjing-SPICAD

Non-intelligent loop drawing with AutoCAD format provided by customer can be converted to intelligent loop drawing, which can be edited by instrument intelligent design system.

According to AutoCAD format loop drawing provided by customer, create instrument tag, instrument junction box, instrument marshaling rack, DCS/PLC panel, cable and so on in intelligent design system and complete instrument loop wiring work, use the instrument intelligent design system to generate instrument loop drawing, re-position loop drawing, update drawing properties, upgrade the revision and save.



Instrument Specification Conversion Project Case      2011-Nanjing-SPICAD  

Through a remote connection, log in Canadian customers instrument intelligent design system database, complete instrument specifications template customization, data input, data validation and so on.

Customer provide scanned instrument datasheet, instrument engineer log in client instrument intelligent design system database, customized instrument datasheet templates by system administrator. For the existing instrument datasheet, instrument engineers will compare the data in scan version with the data in the system, if they are different, we will modify the data in the system. For the other datasheet, instrument engineer will complete to input data. After all instrument datasheet data have be modified completely, upgrade the revision, and save.