Digital plant solution for owners / operators is a core solution, which is built by the features of plant life cycle, it provide services not only processing vast amounts of documents and data efficiently and accurate, which ensure owners / operators get key information at any time, then make decision for operation and safety production, but also providing a full range system support for the factory in operation.

  • Real-time validation management of plant current situation and data information: Manage plant information on a unified platform, to help owner-operators in synchronization and data validation for real operation plant and virtual data and document.

  •  Help owner-operators quickly get familiar with the plant facilities: To provide comprehensive engineering reference data of all facilities, such as process data, machinery, civil engineering, structural, piping, instrumentation, electrical, 3D models and other information to help owners-operators successfully training staff, familiar with the site, guiding operation and production activities.

  • Secure storage/management of plant information: Centralized management of plant information, classified storage, regular backups and access control system, ensure the security and confidentiality of plant information.

  • Unified configuration and management structure of plant breakdown: Structure is unified in the system, which improve the consistency of plant unit and tag number compliance.

  • Provide quick searching and access to plant information: Set up standard of the plant data category and coding standard, which realize quick retrieval and the effective output of data, and increase retrieval efficiency, reduce manual operate error.

  • Provide intellectual search and review of plant information: Relationship definition of data and documents, enable the management of document content and intellectual searching and reviewing.

  • Provide automatic management of plant information: Standardization of information management work flow, enable the automatic and structured management of plant life cycle information.

  • Provide remote access to plant information: With the architecture of network platform, secure entrance could be opened to plant engineers in different positions, design contractors, construction, suppliers, manufacturers, etc. with different authorization, for information and data are shared and synchronized in the platform.

  • Provide information for assessment and optimization of plant safety level: Based on plant / equipment design lifetime, operating cycle and the real-time parameters, warning-style management is carried out to develop pre-maintenance inspection reports and maintenance plans, etc., to prevent accidents in production.

  • Provide change management of plant information: Keep data synchronization after modification, provide data-level change reports and comparison reports, and keep the historical data retrievable at each stage.

  • Provide comprehensive data support to meet the on-site revamp and maintenance requirements: Based on the accurate plant data, detailed 3D visual models and capability of synchronized multi-media presentation, the system could help management to evaluate and make decisions quickly.

  • Integration of design information, provide the possibility of reuse of resources: Provide complete, accurate and device design information that can be re-used, avoid duplication of design, save design costs. Help quickly generate the project, ensure devices update and renovation, and expansion projects.

  • Effective management of asset information: Rational planning and allocation of spare parts, reduce the inventory safely to improve asset utilization, helping owners to achieve the safest process and anticipatable productivity under the lowest investment, to maximize return on investment ratio.

  • Provide an open data interface to other applications: Uniformed design standards and protocols were adopted, which enhanced information utilization efficiency by interactive 2-way data exchange between different systems, sharing the same data resource.

Petrochemical Digital Plant Information Case 2014-Saudi Arabian-SPF

In this Petrochemical Digital Plant Information Project, DDTS re-design and developed a more advanced information management system, and successfully helped our client to implement plant information system reform and upgrade. We’ve done a lot of customize and development work such as inquiry function, integration data ENS rename function, Application of Abstract object, handle and check tools for huge amount of data etc. other task included: handling, conversing and improving existing data, Digitizing huge amount of data, integrating engineering data, customizing web portal design etc.

Offshore Oil Platform Information Digitize Case 2011-Tianjin-SPF

In the engineering data center project which is built for offshore oil enterprise, DDTS has designed and developed the engineering information life cycle management system for offshore oil and gas field. The engineering digital information as Invisible "information assets" which is as equally important as real assets has be managed life-cycle for the first time. The system has achieved the physical spatial separation between management and operation in some respects such as owner management, vendor management and cooperation oilfield assets receipt, at the same time the system could provide accurate engineering information and value-added services for offshore oil and gas field engineering projects (e.g. standard design, platform revamp and reconstruction, plant operation and maintenance, structure inspection and assessment, electronic chart and 3D emergency command etc.).



Acetic acid Unit of a Petrochemical Plant Information Digitize Case   2009-Nanjing-SPF

The plant digital information system for acetic acid unit of a Petrochemical plant inland, provided by DDTS, DDTS's information service engineers design and implement the engineering information management system, digital integrate as-built engineering data and documents with SmartPlant Foundation® software, which can improve the management level of enterprise information assets, enhance staff working efficiency, reduce the management cost, and bring a great value for the enterprise at the same time.