Digital Plant (Brown Field)

For the plants that have been put into operation, we provide solutions for the operation and management platform of digital plants.

We can build a digital factory platform for our customers to realize the application of production management, comprehensive security, emergency command, pre job training, etc. In addition, according to the customer’s management requirements and existing rules, we can offer services in setting up access to other systems and data, portal setting, big data analysis and auxiliary decision-making.

If customers lack the structured data needed to build the platform, we can also provide engineering data sorting, 3D reverse modeling and other services.

Digital Plant (Green Field)

For the new plants in planning, we provide a twin solution for the digital plant data.

From the project preparation to factory delivery stage, we can customize engineering data delivery standards for customers, build standardized management platform, verify delivered data, etc., to ensure that the engineering company delivers a complete digital factory as well as a physical factory.

In the plant operation stage, if customers still need to maintain the data consistency between the physical plant and the digital plant, we can also provide long-term and stable continuous maintenance services.