DDTS instrument engineers have done many projects at home and abroad in strict accordance with the client’s schedule, and have accumulated a wealth of industry experience, proficient in industry standards and has a very extensive knowledge and skills in the use of specialized engineering software.

TDI Hydrochloric Acid Oxidation Project Case 2008-Shanghai-SPI, PDS

Hydrochloric acid oxidation project as a TDI-part of a project aimed at establishing a catalytic oxidation unit for recovering hydrochloric acid gas production of chlorine. Together with the recovery and the base of the TDI and MDI isocyanate device forms a hydrochloride - chlorine product chain.

Using 3D modeling software to create three-dimensional design system instrumentation equipment and instrumentation cable tray model, the owners can review the model directly, we can generate two-dimensional layout drawings. Instrument intelligent design system can complete the project database information update and improve, generate instrument index, instrument datasheet, instrument wiring diagram, instrument loop drawing, instrument installation drawing, instrument cable list and other design documents, while taking advantage of the software document management features, classify and organize the design drawings, technical documents, product specifications and procurement documents.


Oil Sand Case 2014- Autoplant 3D, SPI

This project is to refine petroleum and its associated products in the mining of ores. Process includes the preparation, rough filtration, fine filtration, extraction and etc., valuable oil and its ancillary products will be ultimately extracted.

DDTS services description: Assisting clients to complete instrument selection; updating and optimizing project system database using SPI, exporting instrument design document such as Instrument index, instrument specifications, instrument wiring diagram, Instrument circuit diagram, Instrument installation diagram etc.; establishing models of instrument equipment and instrument tray in the 3D design system with 3D modeling tools such as PDS、PDMS、SP 3D、AutoPlant 3D and enabling our clients to directly review the models; exporting 2D drawings such as instrument tray diagram, instrument location map and etc. from 3D models; Cataloguing all the design drawings, technical document product specifications and procurement documents with professional document management software.